Vivian Karros

Thank you for visiting my page. 

If you choose to purchase an item, add the item # and your zip code in the message with your name and email address. If it is going to be shipped, you will receive an invoice for the payment and the shipping charge. 

All wood pieces are cut to order. Requires a small lead time. 

#101 - Christmas Crafter Ornament Project 

Size: 4"round

Description: 3-D, 3-piece round, engraved, scored and cut.

Material: 1/8" baltic birch. 

$6.00 plus shipping 

#102 - Mason Jar Ornament

Size: 6"Tx2 3/4"Wx 1/8"D

Material: MDF

$1.98 plus shipping  

# 103 - Ornament, Hanging 

Size: 6"W x3 1/4"T x1/8"D

Material: MDF

$2.25 plus shipping

# 104 - Teardrop Ornament Plaque



Size: 12.050" W x 10.608" T

Material: 1/8" Baltic Birch

$7.00 plus shipping

# 105 - Teardrop Ornament Plaque

Size: 12" W x 6" T

Material: 1/8" MDF

$3.95 plus shipping

# 106 - Luggage Tag

Size: 2" W x 3.5" T

Material: 1/8" Baltic Birch

Color: Dark Stain

$8.00 plus shipping

#107 - Cards Of Christmas Past Card Saver 

Size: 5.5" W x 7.25" T

Material: 1/8" Baltic Birch

$10.00 plus shipping



This is a front and back book with rings to hold and save your Christmas cards. 

#108 - Paint Your Own Sketchbook Cover

Size: 9.25" W x 11" T

Material: 1/8" Baltic Birch

Color: Unpainted 

$20.00 plus shipping

This is an unpainted sketch book with 60 sheets of sketch paper. Pattern is not included. 

#109 - Create Colored Pencil Holder

Size: 11.25" W x 5.75" T x 5" D

Material: 1/8" MDF

Color: Unpainted 

$20.00 plus shipping

Colored Pencil Holder does not include pencils. Holder holds 105 pencils with the word Create in the hole for erasers and sharpener.