Middle Tennessee Artists (MTA) welcomes all who are interested in art with skill levels ranging from the novice with just a curiosity and yearn to learn to the advanced painter who is willing to share years of experience with others. In 1977, the group was organized under the name of "Tennessee Tolers." In 1984, the group changed to the name, "Middle Tennessee Decorative Artists." In 2017 the name was changed to "Middle Tennessee Artists."



How do I join the chapter?
Contact: Pam Bradley

Need additional information on workshop and seminar or to sign up?
Contact:  Cindy Moore

How do I get a book from the library?

Contact:  Fran Mittelstet

Money Questions?

Contact Treasurer - Melissa Fox

Web questions?

Contact:  Vivian Karros

All questions?

Contact Us here

Sign up on a committee at the January meeting or contact Chairperson

  • Ways & Means - Elaine Finchum
  • Education - Cindy Moore
  • Library - Fran Mittelstet
  • Mini Gallery - Pam Bradley 
  • Thought of the Day - Wendy Hodgin
  • Community Service - Lisa Spencer
  • Retreat - Edith Adcock 
  • Sunshine - Lucy Eastman
  • Welcoming - Mary Lou Gudelis
  • Web Contact - Vivian Karros
  • Christmas Party - Laurie Coates 
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